Filling empty houses with Melbourne’s homeless

It seems logical that with 35,000 Victorians on the list for social housing that every recourse be used to accomodate the numbers.

Yet, the list grows each month with those most vulnerable in our community at risk of becoming homeless.

The Homeless Persons’ Union of Victoria is holding a sit-in protest which is now in its second day.

#HPUV don’t let houses rot, squat the lot. Direct action solution for the homeless on very, very long waiting lists.

Posted by Viola Wilkins on Wednesday, March 30, 2016


The protest comes after last years reports that houses acquired for the scrapped East West Link project would be used for homeless accomodation, however, to date no action has been taken and the houses remain empty.

“The demonstration seeks clarification on issues surrounding the ownership, management and occupancy of these empty, publicly-owned properties. The lack of transparency has led to confusion within the homeless community.” says HPUV in a statement released on their website.

In their latest statement HPUV claim to have been given information that two of the properties have in some way been linked to Noble Knight Real Estate and are seeking further clarification on the details.

“It was revealed to the demonstration late yesterday afternoon that a commercial relationship exists between the state government and Noble Knight Real Estate concerning property numbers 16 and 18 on Bendigo St, Collingwood.

“Today the demonstrators once again call on the Andrews government for transparency regarding their relationship with Noble Knight Real Estate as it pertains to any of the empty properties on Bendigo St.”

Feature Image courtesy of Dissident Media.

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