Pub footy’s captain, Alice ‘Ox’, is searching for new female recruits!

Alice ‘Ox’ Minns is a self-confessed Alpha, proud to ‘flex her feminist muscles’ as she captains the Renegade Pub Football League team, The Tote, in her second season in the role. Ox has ensured that the team achieves a 50/50 gender split and has been a stellar leader for the ‘Toter family’ by ‘being very committed to each person there’.

Ox first came to a Tote training session three years ago and says ‘it just felt like home’. Having ‘felt a sense of belonging’ in her time with the team, when she was given the honour of captaining the side, she knew she had a great responsibility to the Toters. This also meant that she had to learn to face her ‘crippling sports nerves’. With the support of the team she gathered her courage and swore to herself that ‘I’ve got this voice, and I’m going to keep using it’.

As an empowered female in a traditionally male sport, Ox believes maintaining good sportsmanship is key. She’ll ‘pull up’ anyone using derogatory language, on and off the field, and her teammates follow suit.

This pub footy captain sees more than just sport in The Tote Football Club. There is a sense of community’ that each member of The Tote has contributed making it such a successful club.

Ox wants to put a call out to all women who are interested in being involved in the league to come down to a training session. She recognises that ‘as adults sometimes it’s hard to make new friends’, but she describes the league’s environment to be a ‘utopia’ for new friendships.

So if you want to join up, come along to a game day or even try out training. You can find more information on the Renegade Pub Football League Facebook page. In no time you’ll be fitting in kick-to-kick sessions with your new pub footy mates. Fire up!


By Clareo O’Shannessy.

One thought on “Pub footy’s captain, Alice ‘Ox’, is searching for new female recruits!

  • June 14, 2016 at 7:00 pm

    So great to get some coverage of a true Tote legend and strong female role model. Great reporting from an old Toter too! Well done ladies!


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