Seven Days of Winter in the Yarra

While S may stand for summer and socialising, W seems to stand for winter and woe. Woe induced by the weather and the desire to hibernate, with little motivation to get out and explore our amazing city, many of us choose to give socialising a miss all together.

Although winter is by nature cold, there’s an abundance of warm winter-friendly hangouts calling your name, tempting the fates by easing itself between you and your couch.

There’s also a myriad of awesome stuff that winter brings, like marshmallows, hot-chocolate and mulled wine.

So lets give winter a cracking send off with seven days of winter in the Yarra. Grab your jackets, there’s fun to be had yet!

Polly Bar – Fitzroy

The winner of Timeout’s 2016 Peoples’ Choice Award, Fitzroy’s original cocktail bar now also doubles as a cigar bar that will have you stepping back in time. The décor is old-world glamour but the bartenders know how to make a mean, chic cocktail and won’t laugh at you if you order an espresso martini. For a unique experience, they even run cocktail creations classes.


Owl & Cat Theatre and Bar – Richmond

If you’re after a unique bar experience with a side of giggles, then this amateur theatre has got you covered. The cabaret-style venue is tucked away in Cremorne, just opposite Richmond station and hosts local writers and talent alike. Tickets and drinks are reasonably priced and it’s perfect for a winter night out.


Ice Bar – Fitzroy

Tuesday night is student night @icebar_melbourne. $25 Entry – includes: Snow gear and an Icy Cocktail (valued at $17). 😍😍😍

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You could go the whole hog and embrace the cold! Brunswick’s Ice Bar emulates true Arctic weather, making Melbourne winter seem like a warm summer breeze. Everything in the bar – including your cup – is made of ice. To make things even better during August, if you can last 45 minutes in the bar, you’ll get a free shot! 


Feast of Merit – Richmond

Located on Swan Street, Feast of Merit is a restaurant that sources all of its ingredients locally.  100% of the profits go towards a YGAP project aimed at supporting entrepreneurs who are helping people living in poverty. Not only is that amazing in itself, but they recently opened up a rooftop bar that specializes in steamy mulled wine served in mason jars. Hipster cool, charitable and blessedly warm!


Mystery Rooms – Fitzroy

The very-hot-right-now phenomenon of ‘escape room’ has found its way to Napier Street. Grab a group of friends to get clues and solve puzzles to make it through the rooms in 60 minutes or less. There are a number of different themed zones to choose from, just make sure to book online at least 24 hours in advance.


Carlton Brewhouse – Abbotsford

Five Cougars thanks 🍻

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No need to hold out for the Heineken tour in Amsterdam, there’s another brewery tour right here in Yarra! The Carlton Brewhouse may not be a winter-warmer per se but we figure beer tasting is good on any list. Tour the brewery, learn some new things, sample a few ales and enjoy lunch for a festive day out.


Tramway Hotel – North Fitzroy

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays sees this corner pub hosts live music ‘by the fire’ to warm the body and soul. The Tramway is local-obsessed and hosts a plethora of local talent, local tap beers and local wines. They even have a menu of ‘Melbourne bands who rule’ burgers, where burgers are named after different Melbourne-based groups. A venue that gleams with Melbourne pride, obviously we couldn’t skip the Tramway.

Winter never looked so fun!

By Caitlyn Leggett

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