Faces of Yarra

Introducing Faces of Yarra, a snapshot view of the people out and about in the Yarra community. Each week we’ll be sharing your faces along with your comments, thoughts, and views on a range of topics, from current political issues to what book you’re reading at the moment.  Faces of Yarra is a voice for all to comment on the important issues and be heard, and a celebration of the diverse and beautiful faces surrounding us every day.

Adrian, Carlton

“I’m generally welcoming [towards Asylum Seekers]. I don’t know where that whole political stance about being really strict and negative about it comes from, so I don’t really see any basis for that. I just feel like there’s a lot of political game play going around. Australia’s got a horrible record itself and it’s trying to, and succeeding largely, in keeping out public conversation a lot, with people being pushed to random islands. But I mean I don’t think we have much to say to the US about telling them how to deal with illegal immigrants or asylum seekers at the moment, we need to look at ourselves first.”


Photograph: Vanessa Orzlowski

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