Faces of Yarra

Anchana Muangil, Richmond

“I live in Richmond and my favorite and most visited place is Victoria street. The street with all its ‘Saigon lights’ signs in different Asian languages, busy market stalls, oriental cafes and restaurants remind me of my home in Thailand. There are also a lot of beauty salons where you can do your nails or hair for a very reasonable price. Moreover, the food choice is extremely diverse. For a chef it is [the] perfect place for food experiences and inspiration for creating new dishes. I like that Richmond is not too urban and on your day off you can enjoy beautiful nature in the park.”

Photograph: Alexandra Gorbunova 

Alexandra Gorbunova

Alexandra is from Estonia and moved to Australia in 2014. She enjoys living in Melbourne and interacting with people from different cultures. Working as a social media coordinator at MCIE, Alexandra also loves playing handball, cooking, cinema and photography.

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