Faces of Yarra

Linda, Abbotsford

“I opened Maison de Linda salon around 4 months ago on Victoria street. I was studying French at school and I am deeply into this culture; the films, history, design and art. The place itself has a little bit of Parisian sophistication mixed with vintage. I wanted to establish a place on Victoria street that not only speaks of me, but also becomes ‘home’ for some of my customers, where they will feel comfortable, free, relaxed and ready for new beauty adventures. We are all aware of the way we look. Sometimes we have days we dislike ourselves and feel down. My job is to bring out the best in people, make them feel more confident and special.”

Photography by Alexandra Gorbunova

Alexandra Gorbunova

Alexandra is from Estonia and moved to Australia in 2014. She enjoys living in Melbourne and interacting with people from different cultures. Working as a social media coordinator at MCIE, Alexandra also loves playing handball, cooking, cinema and photography.

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